looking good

alphaama is a playground, this is v2

you can now make posts using nos2x,
meaning you're an beta tester. congrats on the promotion.

you need a nostr public key,
they're free and require no permission or identity.
learn about nostr: nostr - Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays

you can use Branle to generate new keys

have a key? type --k pubkey in the input below or consider using the browser extension nos2x

for more nostr resources, check out https://github.com/aljazceru/awesome-nostr

alphaama is open source without any license, fuck that shit, therefore, do whatever the fuck you want with it.

the code is sure to have bugs, bad decisions and lots of ways to be improved, but it works and is simple enough to understand and modify with little knowledge. that's the fun part.

get the files: --> https://github.com/eskema/alphaama make it yours.

input --h for more tips